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On Mon., after roll, we will start by walking through the main points of all three chapters from Narrative Prosthesis.  Then you can expect some small group time to discuss your take(s) on Mitchell and Snyder’s argument(s) before we move on to a review of Longmore and of Cultural Locations.  At the end of class today, I suggested there are some claims in Narrative Prosthesis worthy of some closer examination.   For example, do you agree with any or all of the  following assertions, or do you feel they need to be qualified to allow for some degree of exception, at least:

disability is foundational to both cultural definition and to the literary narratives that challenge normalizing prescriptive  ideals” (51)

“Narrative prosthesis (or the dependency of literary narratives upon disability) forwards the notion that all narratives operate out of a desire to compensate for a limitation or to reign in excess” (53)

“The anonymity of normalcy is no story at all.  Deviance serves as the basis and common denominator of all narratives” (55)

“Disability inaugurates narrative, but narrative inevitably punishes its own prurient interests by overseeing the extermination of the object of its fascination” (56-57)

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August 27th, 2010 at 10:18 pm