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Travis May’s Formal Post on Shakespeare’s Life and Death of Richard III/ Act 3 and 4

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Travis May Formal Post on Shakespeare’s Life and Death of Richard III/ Act 3 and 4

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Travis May
Richard act 3-4

Richard is trying to manipulate prince Edward but the prince has caught on to his manipulation. It is safe to say that Richard is a snake and he will say or do anything to benefit his cause. Richard tries to sell the fact that the uncles have deceit in their heart when he actually is the one who has malice in his heart.

Hastings has dreams but does not pay attention to the signs. He realizes his fate and than reflects on his past omens but it is to late. He sees the boar in his dream which destroys him but him being cocky and overconfident will be his downfall. His pride is definitely his fall.

Richard and Buckingham join forces to manipulate the court and England to carry out their own agendas and to ensure that Richard is in the hot seat as King. Richard manipulates the mayor into letting him think that Hastings confessed to trying to kill Richard and makes Hastings see as a traitor.

Richards plans of manipulation works and he claims the throne. He now has the image of the top dog but at the same time he wants people of England to see him as somewhat of a person coming up. Sense Richard is crazy he gets more paranoid and starts to shun buckingham and gets suspicious of his whereabouts.

Richard’s disability makes him crazy and he lacks the ability to think critically and use good judgment. It cause him to go mad and plot and kill everybody around him.

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September 15th, 2010 at 2:06 pm

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