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Autism Talk TV!

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Hello, everybody! I know we aren’t really talking about autism right now in class, but I thought I would put this up here anyway as an interesting resource. One of my friends from high school, Alex Plank, founded a website called Wrong Planet when he was, I think, a senior and I was a freshman. The website began as a support forum for the people and families affected by autism spectrum disorders: Alex and his younger sister both have Asperger’s, an ASD characterized by difficulty with social interactions and very narrow areas of interest. Since then, the website has grown hugely and gotten a great deal of publicity. The two biggest features up until recently were the forums themselves and the articles about different things to do with Asperger’s and autism.

In April, Alex started doing a video series for Autism Awareness Month  (April, if you were wondering) that discussed relevant and interesting things going on in the autistic community. Alex is a filmmaker by trade and a very naturally humorous person: he’s a lot of fun to watch. This is a link to Autism Talk TV Episode 1: there are nine more on the website that you can find if you have a click around on there.

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October 24th, 2010 at 3:54 pm

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