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On the very day we were discussing readings by Siebers and McRuer, and trying to find a better e-text of Richard III for next class, who should post to the DS-HUM listserv inquiring about bibliographies on Shakespeare and disability but Tobin Siebers!  And who should reply but Robert McRuer!!  Here’s his post:

 HI Tobin, Marcy, and all…

I am certainly not a Shakespeare specialist in any way!  However, I do have
a piece coming out in the Duke UP volume called (I believe) Shakesqueer:
Queer Theorists Read Shakespeare, edited by Madhavi Menon.  Although
Shakespeareans and early modern studies folks are part of the project,
largely it is intended as a book written by non-specialists: she assigned
every Shakespeare play (and the sonnets) to one queer theorist and we were
invited to write a very brief essay from whatever perspective we brought to
the play, with transtemporal and interdisciplinary thinking encouraged.  I
agreed to participate on the condition that I could have Richard III. So,
there’s an essay in that volume, coming out in January, I think.  the piece
is called “Fuck the Disabled: The Prequel.”


Also, here’s a link to a piece on R3 from one of the numbers of Disability Studies Quarterly last year, entitled “Enabling Richard: The Rhetoric of Disability in Richard III“, part of a special section on Disabled Shakespeares

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September 10th, 2010 at 8:52 pm