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Eye-opening Documentary: “Autism is a World”

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This five-part documentary features a twenty-six year old woman named Sue Rubin, and follows her perspective throughout her life with autism. She explains what it is like to live with autism in a non-autistic world, attends college, experiences a transition in primary care, and interviews specialists as she tries to develop her own answer to the enduring question: What is Autism?

The entire series is a bit lengthy at about an hour total, but I highly recommend it to anyone in our class (and outside of our class) who has lingering questions about autism.


Written by Katherine Sullivan

November 14th, 2010 at 11:54 am

“Nothing about us without us” – BBC Disability Website – “Ouch!”

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BBC News has a website that “reflects the lives and experiences of disabled people” with links to news and opinion articles, video content, music, and even a humor section by and/or about disabled people.

Upon first glance, however, the title of this site caught me off guard. The title? It’s “Ouch!”

What does “Ouch!” mean? Here’s an excerpt from the site’s conveniently labeled, “What is Ouch!?” tab:

Oooh, good question. We spent literally months trying to come up with a name that wasn’t too patronising. When the marketing team came up with “I dance to my own song” as a good idea for a name, we ran away from the meeting. We’re still on the run.

The site’s editor, Damon Rose, came up with the name Ouch! one morning in the shower. He says: “There’s an Ouch! moment when you become disabled or give birth to a disabled child. There’s an Ouch! moment when someone gets into the lift, catches the eye of a disabled person and then quickly looks away. There are many Ouch! moments when people just see disability as a problem, when in fact we’re part of the solution.”

Damon Rose has a very compelling point; this is a very good example of the concept, “Nothing about us without us.”


Written by Robert

September 20th, 2010 at 9:52 am